Studying abroad

The Amsterdam University of the Arts has a highly international student population; more than a quarter of the students are from outside the Netherlands. The international students are already experiencing the richness and challenges of studying in a culturally and artistically different environment than their home country. For those international students who still feel the need to explore their boundaries during their study at the AHK, participation in student exchange programmes like Erasmus can help them fulfil their need.

The Amsterdam University of the Arts offers its international students two possibilities to finance a short study or internship period abroad. The student exchange programme from the European Union (the Erasmus programme) aims to stimulate students to study or to do an internship in another EU country. The AHK has several bilateral agreements with the guest institutions in Europe.

For students who cannot meet the criteria of the Erasmus programme, it is possible to apply for the AHK Internationalization Fund.

Scholarships after graduation

There are select possibilities for excellent international students who have a permanent residency in the Netherlands to apply for a grant or scholarship for further study outside the Netherlands after graduating at the AHK.
More information: scholarships after graduation

More information

A study period abroad or internship always needs to be part of your study programme and therefore be acknowledged by the school. Please check for more information on possibilities at the coordinator internationalization of your institution.
Co-ordinators internationalization